Monthly Archives: August 2015

Selfie with pollinator from across the pond

Several weeks ago Jeff Ollerton posted a photo of himself with a bee.  I smiled and went on my way.  Then yesterday as I was mucking about in the back yard I noticed several bees busying themselves with matters of survival.  Curiosity got the better of me.  How hard could it be?  I did manage to […]

Tit for tat on habitat

As we make our way on planet earth these days more and more pressure is exerted on the resources we use. Farming is a major resource consuming activity and frequently lands in the sights of ecologists and conservationists motivated to preserve and protect resources both for our own future and for the present and future […]

Am I stupid?

Let’s dispense with pretense. I am stupid. Stupid is as stupid does; life IS a box of chocolates. Now let’s move on. There are quite a few of us huddled together on this planet these days. Projections are there will likely be quite a few more in due course. Some people have suggested this is […]

A team effort

There was an upper level management meeting here at Gulliver’s Pulse just the other day. The principals gathered round to review our performance metrics and sketch out plans for coming articles. Lemuel was rather diplomatic in his chiding my slacking performance in the second half of July. The Bucket was his usual self… impatiently popping […]