Monthly Archives: July 2015

Too complex?

It’s a complex world. So naturally it must be a super complex universe. Even the most gifted among us have a subject or two they struggle with. Solving a complex problem can be quite rewarding. I have to suppose the rocket scientists, physicists and others who planned and executed New Horizons’ recent flyby of Pluto […]

Farming in the U.S.

Hunting and gathering may have been de rigueur in the Ohio valley a thousand years ago, but over the last 500 years more deliberate attempts have been made to scratch a living from this particular piece of earth.  Caucasian settlement of the Ohio valley has a history of almost 250 years now, virtually all centered […]

Ohio making progress in human/deer relations

Dateline July 8, 2015 – Marysville, OH.  Two fawns crossed Johnson Road northwest of Marysville this morning using the ‘deer crossing’ sign for their benefit.  The doe had just crossed at this same spot and was waiting for her offspring to do the same.  Department of Wildlife officials were unavailable for comment – citing their […]