Time to clean a crystal ball?

Looking back at 2020 has gathered a lot of attention. Perhaps it should; might be cathartic. Like many, I’ve grown tired of ‘20. I think hope is warranted here and now. We certainly need to learn all we can from current difficulties – lest we fail in some future moment. We might fail to deal with future challenges if we don’t learn enough from this one. So, I do imagine I will look back and with the help of others try to learn the lessons 2020 has on offer. But now, as the last hours of the year wind down, I’d prefer to look forward to 2021 and imagine better times.

Vaccines now exist and are being deployed. One could wish for a better pace, but some progress is better than none.            When my turn comes and without hesitance, I’ll roll a sleeve on my shirt. I’ll hope for shelter from pestilence, and that it doesn’t hurt.

Seed catalogs have been showing up in the mailbox. Hope sometimes comes in little packages that connect us back to nature.              Dreams of beans and peppers, squash and spinach too; potatoes, leeks, and garlic, spicing up a stew.

Our future might not resemble anything of our past. But this too might be welcome news escaping ugliness at last.

This evening we had a great sunset here, the last of this mournful year. I’m looking forward to more of these, and to budding leaflets on our trees.

As imaginary as they seem, one hopes a crystal sphere, will not so much as fill a dream, but show us a great new year.

Finally – and I have this on pretty good authority – next year there will still be ice cream.

Ice cream images shown here can be found at:



  1. Thank goodness for the ice scream! And now I’m also dreaming of stews and planning the gardens. A solid and very Clem-ish list.

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    1. Clem-ish…. an adjective one hopes might be used so sparsely that lexicographers of our age might easily overlook it. But for this particular application it does seem appropriate.


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