Too much water

No, hydrocephalus (water on the brain) isn’t where I want to go, though it too is an important subject.  Rather, let’s have a look at some environmental water issues. Too much or too little – neither case is much fun. In Louisiana for the last couple weeks now the needle has been tipped hard in […]

Sixties USDA Yearbooks of Ag

The summer grinds along, and a hot one at that. Soybean breeding in central Ohio moves with the season, and for now is keeping us quite busy.  No news of note on that front. Lemuel and I are hoping the news from England is not too dire. The Small Farm Future blog has gone missing […]

Mom passed on the 21st of last month.  She was 79.  My father passed in 2012, so technically my four brothers and I are now orphans.  The five of us are all grown men.  Most with adult children; hardly the images of orphans.  It may seem strange make a point of losing both parents in […]


The Ohio State Science Day (science fair) was yesterday.  This was the 68th edition.  Not such a long time in the grander scheme of things.  But it is becoming a fine tradition. The Ohio Soybean Council has been participating several years now as an award sponsor.  I have had the pleasure of assisting OSC as a […]

solar-eclipse - smaller

Ever take off toward your next errand only to realize you could kill two birds with one stone if you carry something else along? Why birds have to suffer for this metaphor is unclear, but you’ve been there.  Efficiency, effectiveness, high throughput, they come at a price.  But the price for completing several objectives in […]

Wherever the voyage leads you.

Ah, springtime.  Too much to do.  I was trying to catch up on some messages in my computer inbox and came across this, well… may as well quote much of the beast: Dear System User:  New software for backup of our corporate servers now flags individual user accounts with more than 10,000 contacts in the […]

just chillin

Gorgeous day out there. A bit cool this morning, but appropriate for the date.  At work we’re getting ready to get out from under the roof.  It will still be a bit before planting gets underway in a serious manner.  Still, longer days, bright sunshine, greening grass, blooming forsythia… visions of sugarplums er, I mean […]

emerging tulips

  Leap day, 2016. Pity we don’t get to have a leap day more often.  But perhaps the rarity makes it all the more special.  One of my brothers will celebrate a birthday tomorrow.  He was born in a leap year and just several hours past the end of leap day.  If he’d managed to […]

May '15 Ohio Farmer cover

This blog started out a year ago today. It has surprised and embarrassed, teased and brazened me.  I hope it hasn’t caused anyone to wonder if they’d wasted their time in stopping by. Rather than spend any further effort gazing at a navel I thought I’d revisit a story from last spring concerning cover crops.  […]

Malabar historic monument plaque

In the middle of last week I was on the road to a conference in Wooster, OH. This is not a long road trip for me, but starting with a quarter tank of gas I ended up needing more before getting there.  As I pulled off the freeway the first sign I see points off […]