A turkey of a post

Too many things on my plate right now.  But I do have a picture of a Tom and two hen turkeys.  They are too wrapped up in each other to notice someone stop to take their picture.                                                                                           


  1. Yeah, you know… an image from a camera. BUT, you make a good point – where is the picture within the post? Its actually the picture at the front page… couldn’t get the software to add it within the body of the post. WordPress has changed their editor, one can get back to the old editor (I’m told) – but last night I couldn’t get there. I also have a couple more comments to add to the post… but was not smart enough to get the block to continue.

    Maybe I should have put the remarks into a comment box… these still appear to let an old curmudgeon type in some thoughts.

    The featured image (what they call that little snippet up front) IS too small to see the hens, and the Tom is that little black spot on the right side. Oh well. A turkey of a post. 😦


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