Monthly Archives: January 2016

Pleasant Valley Wednesday – or Malabar in Winter

In the middle of last week I was on the road to a conference in Wooster, OH. This is not a long road trip for me, but starting with a quarter tank of gas I ended up needing more before getting there.  As I pulled off the freeway the first sign I see points off […]

The Old Barn

For Christmas one of my brothers gave me a pen. A nice pen, with a wooden barrel.  The cool part… well better than cool actually… the wood came from the old barn.   Growing up on a farm used to be such an ordinary thing in the middle of the US. And growing up on […]

2015 Reminisces; 2016 Forecasts

2015 was.  My wife and I welcomed a daughter-in-law and three new grandsons.  The grandsons were at the wedding (yet to be born) and no, the new daughter-in-law is not one of their mothers.  In November I lost an uncle.  My mother’s health has been tricky.  Life ebbs. 2016 is.  The UN has decided this should be […]