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Trouble in Paradise

News that another terrorist attack has happened in Europe – or more specifically, in the UK at Manchester – is cause for concern. The first report of the bombing to reach my ears pegged the death toll at 19. This morning I heard the number had reached 22. It appears this latter value is holding […]

2015 Reminisces; 2016 Forecasts

2015 was.  My wife and I welcomed a daughter-in-law and three new grandsons.  The grandsons were at the wedding (yet to be born) and no, the new daughter-in-law is not one of their mothers.  In November I lost an uncle.  My mother’s health has been tricky.  Life ebbs. 2016 is.  The UN has decided this should be […]

Congrats to the Cubbies

Exactly how does baseball figure into farming, or crop science?  I could go on about professional teams having farm clubs; cite all the statistics kept by baseball that rise to a level similar to crop science… but I leave to your imagination other connections.  What baseball has to do with my living a measured life […]

And now a word for our Heroes

Memorial Day is a fine commemoration.  Setting aside a day to recall the sacrifice made by ancestors, friends and neighbors whose willingness to fight on our behalf and suffer for the effort allows us to enjoy the fruits of our labors in relative peace. Memorial Day originated as Decoration Day just a few years after […]

Gauging the gauges

‘Tis the time of the season for corn planting.  And even an itinerant soybean person will plant the occasional corn crop if it means having somewhere to plant next year’s research plot.  And so it was I found myself aboard a modest sized tractor yesterday, planting kernels in nice rows.  This was the first opportunity […]

Classified ad

Land wanted.  No snow between St Patrick’s Day and Thanksgiving.  Able to bale hay, muck stalls, plant, maintain and harvest all sorts of green plants [would rather not muck stalls].  Castrating livestock is not a deal breaker.  Can ride, can’t rope (yet?).  Can shoot straight (when sober). It’s snowing again here in paradise.  St Patrick’s […]