Monthly Archives: February 2015

Who moved my heritability, and why should you care?

If I may be allowed to riff on Spencer Johnson’s very interesting title: ‘Who Moved My Cheese?’  let’s have a go at teasing apart a phenomenon gathering some serious interest among geneticists, and others concerned with heritability and why it so often seems to have gone missing. Missing heritability has stormed to the front of […]

Dead Squirrels Society

With apologies to Robin Williams et al. (and, apparently, someone on Facebook)… Many years ago our family shared quarters with a cat. I’m of a mind that no one ‘owns’ a cat. They share our space – as much a courtesy on their part as anything. Anyway, said cat would from time to time show […]

On a theory of relativity

Research results are mostly relative.  Einstein gets credit for a Theory of Relativity, and he was a pretty clever guy, but just about every notion we consider is somehow compared with or relative to something else.  Indeed I often point out that you don’t know beautiful until you’ve seen ugly.  A concept of cold is […]