Dead Squirrels Society

With apologies to Robin Williams et al. (and, apparently, someone on Facebook)…

Many years ago our family shared quarters with a cat. I’m of a mind that no one ‘owns’ a cat. They share our space – as much a courtesy on their part as anything. Anyway, said cat would from time to time show her appreciation for our largesse by bringing home the remnants from successful hunting expeditions. Some poor bird, a hapless bunny, or… a squirrel might grace the back porch – testament to her skills and perhaps a nod toward sharing the burdens of putting dinner on the table. We tried to hint that this behavior was not welcome, but as serious cat folks can appreciate, efforts came to very little success.Sudoku dead squirrel

The trophy aspect of our now departed cat’s efforts remain in the family memory. Indeed the memories have evolved into the naming of a finished crossword puzzle deliberately left in plain view a ‘dead squirrel’. Other accomplishments, a favorable e-mail from a colleague, a completed Sudoku puzzle, etc will merit the same moniker if quietly left in a conspicuous spot for effect. And to further work the analogy one might come upon an incomplete crossword and call it a ‘bloody squirrel’… needing to be put out of its misery.

As we make our way through life we encounter many challenges.  Some we actively seek out, others impose themselves and create a nuisance to be dealt with.  Some of the challenges we undertake willingly may morph into more than bargained for.  For these I think we rightfully feel a sense of accomplishment and the subtle sharing of a dragon slaying from time to time might be a tad cathartic.  Of course those nuisance challenges which confront us – their defeat might deserve more open sharing.  Once the memories of this winter’s nastiness recede from Boston’s daily life I imagine the Bostonians will move on.  And pictures or stories of the mess – I’ll not count them as merely dead squirrels.



  1. Clem,
    The blog site is looking good! I like the idea of the “Dead Squirrel”. I had a cat in my old Knoxville bookstore. She was named Kitty Kelly. She would dash outside once a week and return with a struggling bird, squirrel and one time, a rabbit. She would then proceed to kill it slowly for the “enjoyment” of my customers. Good times.


  2. Thanks for the kind encouragement. Have managed to get a couple widgets set up, and learned how to insert a picture into a post. Beginning to think this blogging is a little like the work of the wizard in Oz… never mind that man behind the curtain.

    We had a cat at home on the farm that was as close to feral as I’ve ever witnessed. She wasn’t a very big specimen, but all business. She once had a litter in the pole barn behind the house. We found her one day dragging a rat up from the livestock barn (maybe 150 yards from the pole barn) and this rat was physically larger than she. Would have loved to see that battle go down. I imagine the rat never saw her coming.


  3. […] business then what is it in the middle of the road?  A dead skunk (not to be confused with a dead squirrel).  Tensions grew, Shaw and Larson left, and the CSC suffered a case of ‘who moved my […]


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