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“Now that we can do anything, we must do less.”

Brilliant. Might even serve as a title for some forthcoming text on sustainability. One could easily do worse. The first internet mention of this remark I can find occurred in the comments section of the Archdruid Report  in July of 2008.

Am I stupid?

Let’s dispense with pretense. I am stupid. Stupid is as stupid does; life IS a box of chocolates. Now let’s move on. There are quite a few of us huddled together on this planet these days. Projections are there will likely be quite a few more in due course. Some people have suggested this is […]

On a theory of relativity

Research results are mostly relative.  Einstein gets credit for a Theory of Relativity, and he was a pretty clever guy, but just about every notion we consider is somehow compared with or relative to something else.  Indeed I often point out that you don’t know beautiful until you’ve seen ugly.  A concept of cold is […]