Monthly Archives: May 2015

And now a word for our Heroes

Memorial Day is a fine commemoration.  Setting aside a day to recall the sacrifice made by ancestors, friends and neighbors whose willingness to fight on our behalf and suffer for the effort allows us to enjoy the fruits of our labors in relative peace. Memorial Day originated as Decoration Day just a few years after […]

Animal sense

Ever notice how critters tend to know the weather is about to change before we do?  I’m not suggesting meteorologists are useless.  I listen to forecasts and watch radar for predicting the approach of inclement weather.  And one can look at the sky, listen to the wind, and know something of the near term changes […]

And now a word for our mothers

As Mother’s Day here in the States passes along I want to take a second to remember all our mothers.  And not just our individual mothers, though what better place to start?  But let us also recall the mothers of our children, our daughters and daughters-in-law with children, our sisters, and all our female family […]

Gauging the gauges

‘Tis the time of the season for corn planting.  And even an itinerant soybean person will plant the occasional corn crop if it means having somewhere to plant next year’s research plot.  And so it was I found myself aboard a modest sized tractor yesterday, planting kernels in nice rows.  This was the first opportunity […]