Monthly Archives: March 2015

The town mouse and the country mouse

On Friday I participated in a program with several other central Ohio workers who have international aspects to their careers.  I’m not really all that international, but I’ve hosted some foreign delegations passing through our lab, and I’ve been overseas enough to pockmark a passport and accumulate a few stories of life ‘over there’.  And I suspect […]

Classified ad

Land wanted.  No snow between St Patrick’s Day and Thanksgiving.  Able to bale hay, muck stalls, plant, maintain and harvest all sorts of green plants [would rather not muck stalls].  Castrating livestock is not a deal breaker.  Can ride, can’t rope (yet?).  Can shoot straight (when sober). It’s snowing again here in paradise.  St Patrick’s […]

Allocating resourcefully

“So what do you do in the winter?”  This question typically comes up in a discussion of what my job entails.  Agricultural research, and more specifically plant science, is not too difficult to describe over a cup of coffee.  Though I will admit the conversation has changed over the course of my career as fewer […]

Listening in on Campus

LG* – Are we really gonna do this? TB – Sure, I got the password to write posts.  Are you chicken? LG – I just want to make sure this is all on you. TB – Fine, its all me.  But if this goes well I don’t want to hear any carping from you later… […]

Strawberry Fields Forever

John Lennon wrote: “Nothing is real/And nothing to get hung about” John was from England.  Apparently some folks in California didn’t share his philosophy.  Indeed their discord had risen to a point where they ended up in court.  The University of California, Davis got into it with the California Strawberry Commission (CSC).  At least no one […]