Listening in on Campus

LG* – Are we really gonna do this?

TB – Sure, I got the password to write posts.  Are you chicken?

LG – I just want to make sure this is all on you.

TB – Fine, its all me.  But if this goes well I don’t want to hear any carping from you later…

Overheard at the coffee shop:

Two young ladies talking:

1st YL – Oh, Dwayne can’t join us for drinks after work, his department is going through a peer review.

2nd YL – Oh no problem, my Damon works at the port as a wharf inspector – he’s always doing a pier review.

Two Entomology grad students:

1st GS – You’ve seen this study on effects of neonics on hymenoptera, right?

2nd GS – Yeah, what a buzz kill.

Later that evening overheard at the pub:

Two Statistics grad students:

1st GS – No, that won’t work unless we populate the operational matrix with an orthogonal set of eigenvectors from a Poisson distribution.

2nd GS – Dude, you are SO wasted…

1st GS – Nah, just yanking your Markov chain.

Two Math grad students at final call:

1st GS – You’re drunk.

2nd GS – Prove it.

Two random dudes:

1st RD – Dude, you’re soaked and smell like a keg!

2nd RD – Yeah, I asked the philosophy geeks over there what Wittgenstein, Popper, Hayek, and Feyerabend all have in common with Hitler.  They got all impertinent and said “NOTHING!” …so I pointed out they’re all dead white guys who were born in Austria.  Then they gave me a free drink.

* LG is Lemuel Gulliver, TB is The Bucket… who will also fill the role of Keeper of the Bucket List.

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