Monthly Archives: June 2015

Success by any other name…

Success is a tricky business.  You can limit your world view narrowly enough and succinctly define your terms so a particular outcome may be measured either success or failure.  Play a game of checkers to a non-drawn conclusion and you have a winner.  But in all situations is the apparent loser not successful?  Consider a […]

Random wonderings…

Lemuel passed me a note recently warning of a rotten scent accumulating in the area of the Bucket.  His concerns have risen from the mere note through suggestions and up to real pleadings.  Upon inspection I found the Bucket in need of dumping before matters get even worse.  On the notion that a trouble shared is a trouble halved I am spilling […]

And now a word for our Fathers

I really missed this one.  In my defense I was on the road Sunday.  But Monday and Tuesday have no similar excuse.  Gloom, despair, and agony on me. Special days in honor of special folks are common enough.  So common in February we’ve pooled a couple president’s birthdays into one President’s Day.  Fair enough.  But […]

Delayed gratification and the evolution of altruism

Well, as I actually don’t have any data at hand to suggest altruism may have arisen in human populations prone to accepting their gratification at some downstream point in their struggle, I’d better not lead off with that one. And my personal brand of science – plant science – really doesn’t prepare me to wax […]

Weekend follies, RNA-seq, Photosystem I, or the fate of ill-founded optimism at the hands of natural selection.

Please vote for one of the four topics listed in the title, the winner being our subject for the moment.  Well, we’re waiting… Ok, the tally please… Oh my – this is special.  It seems we have a four-way tie.  Fine then, I will endeavor to weave a piece incorporating all four subjects. Last week […]

Some helpful rain

Over an inch and a half of rain has fallen here in the last 36 hours.  A welcome meteorological gift – it didn’t fall all at once, and soils here were not saturated so it didn’t run off.  Our creeks and rivers are not overflowing at the moment (and our prayers go out for those […]