And now a word for our Fathers

I really missed this one.  In my defense I was on the road Sunday.  But Monday and Tuesday have no similar excuse.  Gloom, despair, and agony on me.

Special days in honor of special folks are common enough.  So common in February we’ve pooled a couple president’s birthdays into one President’s Day.  Fair enough.  But before I swear off writing blog posts about this or that special day I do want to make a point about fathers in general and fatherhood in particular.  And perhaps even make a motion we consider a slight name change for Father’s Day… to Fatherhood day?

In the biological sphere of human parenthood there is hardly any division of labor as it comes to childbirth.  Mothers take the all the heavy lifting.  Simply being the male gamete donor might put one up to be a father in the legal and the technical biological senses, but it doesn’t qualify one for the real credit in the matter.  Fathers can be helpful to their mates during pregnancy.  And some credit might accrue to those who make the best effort in this regard.  But following birth there come many opportunities during child rearing where fathers can finally come into their own as significant players.  For these serious and hardworking players we can rightly offer our thanks and gratitude.

Would it be too much to wonder whether the human condition might be much better off if more male parents took the responsibility of fatherhood more seriously?  Conversely I suppose – in the spirit of offering thanks and gratitude – one might contemplate how much worse our human condition might be if we’d been deprived of those excellent fathers who made by their example a standard for real fatherhood.

Miss you Dad.

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