Random wonderings…

Lemuel passed me a note recently warning of a rotten scent accumulating in the area of the Bucket.  His concerns have risen from the mere note through suggestions and up to real pleadings.  Upon inspection I found the Bucket in need of dumping before matters get even worse.  On the notion that a trouble shared is a trouble halved I am spilling the Bucket’s contents here.  If it matters, I have taken away the Bucket’s thesaurus and I’m open to other suggestions.

Herewith, some random wonderings from the Bucket:

Would you call someone who gorges on ewe stew a mutton glutton?

Is someone who tries out all the bikes at Sturgis a chopper hopper?

Was Jefferson Davis trying to be a slaver saver?

If a member of the Legion of Doom quits writing code is (s)he a slacker hacker?

Is a wolf disguised as a horse a phony pony?

Might one consider a smelly chicken a foul fowl?

How many of us would call the smiles on like aged siblings twin’s grins?

Is the accumulated moisture around the eye of a castrated bull calf steer’s tears?

Can we refer to a farm newsletter warning of thorny herbaceous weeds as a thistle epistle?

Is a trapper of dam building rodents essentially a beaver deceiver?



  1. God help us when Clem starts functioning with a full six-pack!


  2. Yeah, those days are likely in the past. What’s the line? I may not be as good as I once was, but I’m as good once as I ever was…

    I’ve been blessed to be a member of a largish family. I have several brothers. Not so long ago my brothers and I were sharing some beers. Not such a strange thing for brothers to do. I did notice however that before I got to a full six-pack I was no longer in any condition to do things requiring any serious level of coordination. This is where playing Ping-Pong becomes more fun than trying to play poker. Not falling down drunk…. but saying things no sober (and sometime civil) person is likely to say. When you make that perfect shot to hit the edge of the table and leave your brother waving at the air… great stuff. History tends to get pretty liquid at such times as well. “You remember that time we…” Yeah, and I’m pretty sure we don’t want any law enforcement types listening to this conversation. What IS the statute of limitations on…

    Moments as these makes me wonder how my Dad and his brothers got to be such accomplished Ping-Pong players. A head-scratcher that one. 🙂


  3. You have a comedians sense of timing in your word-


  4. Many thanks, too kind. Which comedian?


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