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Land wanted.  No snow between St Patrick’s Day and Thanksgiving.  Able to bale hay, muck stalls, plant, maintain and harvest all sorts of green plants [would rather not muck stalls].  Castrating livestock is not a deal breaker.  Can ride, can’t rope (yet?).  Can shoot straight (when sober).

It’s snowing again here in paradise.  St Patrick’s was last Tuesday.  I’ve been betrayed (again).  Getting too old for this.  Will put up with it, however.  What choice do I have?  Complaining to management won’t do much.  “Mother Nature and I get along famously” (who said that and what was he thinking??)

So now I’m wondering if there are any farms for sale in the area around Philadelphia, TN.  Surely they don’t have snow between St Pat’s and Turkey day.  And if they do, surely Brian will be gentleman enough not to mention it.

Yes, this too will pass.  Yes, the sun will come out (eventually).  But what good is late snowstorm if you can’t gripe about it?

For what its worth, our dog loves it.  But she doesn’t have to shovel the sidewalk.



  1. Ha! Long about mid-August, as you bask in cool breezes off of the great lakes I will be frying in Tennessee. But I feel your pain on the winter that won’t end. Meanwhile I sojourn in Oregon this week: where the weather is disgustingly pleasant even if it does rain every fifteen minutes between squalls of sunshine.


    1. Disgustingly pleasant. There’s a refreshingly gregarious pairing!

      While our mid-August weather is rarely interrupted by cool breezes off the Great Lakes, I do take your meaning. I imagine the frequency of insufferable mugginess here is somewhat shy of what you’ll have to tolerate.

      So, one has to wonder whether you’ve left Delores in charge back at the ranch? And this trip to Oregon – you are trying to get their Ducks in a row?


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