Selfie with pollinator from across the pond

Several weeks ago Jeff Ollerton posted a photo of himself with a bee.  I smiled and went on my way.  Then yesterday as I was mucking about in the back yard I noticed several bees busying themselves with matters of survival.  Curiosity got the better of me.  How hard could it be?  I did manage to capture a couple pics with both a bee and something resembling me.

Selfie with pollinator

The proof:

So now I’m a copycat.  As I recall, curiosity killed the cat.  And the “how hard could it bee?” angle?  Obviously not hard enough.

Another observation just occurred to me… there was another copycat brave enough to post his own selfie with pollinator.  Both of the linked examples are Brits, and middle aged white men if I may be so rude.  The only demographic I might offer as different, a North American perspective.  Apparently our bees would rather not be outdone by European ones.


  1. I recently moved from being “late 50s” to “nearly 60” so I’m really quite happy to settle for “middle-aged”. 😉


  2. Hmmm, a fellow traveler. I’m sticking to late 50s myself. A friend just turned 60 last Thursday. I sensed his pain (for the number itself… not his health). A year from now I should start contemplating what this next decade will mean. Until then, there are bees to interrogate, plants to study, and grandchildren to spoil.

    Thanks for stopping by (and also for being a copycat inspiration 🙂 ).


  3. Great shot! I turned 50 in February so am now happy to consider myself “middle aged”, having resisted the label in my 40s!

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    1. By my count now we have three…will you be curating the collection? Exact location, time/date, and host data available on request.

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  4. I think there may be a couple on Twitter too; perhaps too early for a curated exhibition?


    1. Perhaps too early. But if this were to catch on like some viral web ideas have the time for setting up a proper database and metadata catch system are upon us (and maybe past). Just yesterday I saw a couple peer reviewed papers discussing ways to catalog and curate all the phenotype data in the literature to go along side gene sequence data. Not saying this pollinator selfie concept will rise to that level, but if it were to compete with cat videos, well….

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