This and That…

The summer grinds along, and a hot one at that. Soybean breeding in central Ohio moves with the season, and for now is keeping us quite busy.  No news of note on that front.

Lemuel and I are hoping the news from England is not too dire. The Small Farm Future blog has gone missing for several days now.   Has the Brexit claimed another casualty?  Will all hope for a future where small farming can claim some right of existence be snuffed out?  Ok, calamity reporting is not a strong suite here.  Here’s hoping Chris will be back soon.

SFF site warning

Warning posted this last week when seeking the Small Farm Future

Closer to home there is other troubling news for Captain Gulliver and me. In our pursuit of agrarian recognition of even the slightest notice we have been rebuffed by judges who simply will not agree that scientific journals on agricultural matters can be accounted as contributing to an agrarian bibliophilic status.  The judgement came down last week and I am only now getting the last of the tears dried from the keyboard.  Thirty years of Agronomy Journal, and Crop Science; ten years of Plant Physiology; volume upon volume of Advances in Genetics; they pile high in the library here to no acclaim from the Tennessee Agrarian Bibliophilic Records Committee.  I might complain of favoritism, but to what effect?

Sixties USDA Yearbooks of Ag

USDA Yearbooks of Ag from the sixties… piling on?

A news story out of Colorado from earlier this month caught the eye. Seems THC was found contaminating the ground water there.  A quick rush to judgment might blame the state’s legalizing of marijuana as the cause, but upon review it now seems the original test(s) were likely mistaken.  Legalizing is one thing, having THC in the water supply is quite another.  Gives a whole new meaning to Rocky Mountain High.


Denver is the Mile High City… their water is up there as well?




  1. The rules committee does meet again in the fall. The man who reserves the room for their deliberations confided in me. He said that a gift of a six-pack of good beer has been known to sway their decisions.

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  2. Good to know. If only politics at higher levels could be so approachable 😎

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