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Are there angles in nature?

We are elements of the landscape, you and me. We take up our space, consume resources, and we serve as resource for others.  We as a species have an incredible impact on the natural world.  We are not some monolithic collection of related animals… we come in many shades and sizes; we occupy habitats across […]

Water on my mind

No, hydrocephalus (water on the brain) isn’t where I want to go, though it too is an important subject.  Rather, let’s have a look at some environmental water issues. Too much or too little – neither case is much fun. In Louisiana for the last couple weeks now the needle has been tipped hard in […]

Playin’ hooky

Gorgeous day out there. A bit cool this morning, but appropriate for the date.  At work we’re getting ready to get out from under the roof.  It will still be a bit before planting gets underway in a serious manner.  Still, longer days, bright sunshine, greening grass, blooming forsythia… visions of sugarplums er, I mean […]

It takes a leap

  Leap day, 2016. Pity we don’t get to have a leap day more often.  But perhaps the rarity makes it all the more special.  One of my brothers will celebrate a birthday tomorrow.  He was born in a leap year and just several hours past the end of leap day.  If he’d managed to […]

Selfie with pollinator from across the pond

Several weeks ago Jeff Ollerton posted a photo of himself with a bee.  I smiled and went on my way.  Then yesterday as I was mucking about in the back yard I noticed several bees busying themselves with matters of survival.  Curiosity got the better of me.  How hard could it be?  I did manage to […]

Tit for tat on habitat

As we make our way on planet earth these days more and more pressure is exerted on the resources we use. Farming is a major resource consuming activity and frequently lands in the sights of ecologists and conservationists motivated to preserve and protect resources both for our own future and for the present and future […]

Am I stupid?

Let’s dispense with pretense. I am stupid. Stupid is as stupid does; life IS a box of chocolates. Now let’s move on. There are quite a few of us huddled together on this planet these days. Projections are there will likely be quite a few more in due course. Some people have suggested this is […]

Too complex?

It’s a complex world. So naturally it must be a super complex universe. Even the most gifted among us have a subject or two they struggle with. Solving a complex problem can be quite rewarding. I have to suppose the rocket scientists, physicists and others who planned and executed New Horizons’ recent flyby of Pluto […]

Farming in the U.S.

Hunting and gathering may have been de rigueur in the Ohio valley a thousand years ago, but over the last 500 years more deliberate attempts have been made to scratch a living from this particular piece of earth.  Caucasian settlement of the Ohio valley has a history of almost 250 years now, virtually all centered […]

Ohio making progress in human/deer relations

Dateline July 8, 2015 – Marysville, OH.  Two fawns crossed Johnson Road northwest of Marysville this morning using the ‘deer crossing’ sign for their benefit.  The doe had just crossed at this same spot and was waiting for her offspring to do the same.  Department of Wildlife officials were unavailable for comment – citing their […]