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Holiday ruminations

Festivities abound. The year wanes and whether we have much to celebrate or not, there still exist many opportunities for mirth. If the historic birth of a long promised Jewish boy warms your spiritual self then allow me to wish you the Merriest of Christmases. If your family and faith regards more senior Jewish celebrations, […]

Thanksgiving 2017

Several ways to play this one I suppose.  Could go with a time-tested listing of things I’m thankful for.   Could have a go at a satirical listing of things I’d like to be thankful for.  Maybe take a run at a list of things one might guess the other critters on the planet could be […]

Gift of good brothers

Along the lines of Wendell Berry’s Gift of Good Land.  Value of family vs family values.  The Waltons – but not Walmart. I don’t find it too difficult to argue that one inherits their family. And not just the family one is born into, but also the family one creates as life develops.  If you’ve […]

It takes a leap

  Leap day, 2016. Pity we don’t get to have a leap day more often.  But perhaps the rarity makes it all the more special.  One of my brothers will celebrate a birthday tomorrow.  He was born in a leap year and just several hours past the end of leap day.  If he’d managed to […]

All under a roof

Finally. The harvest of 2015 is in. And it really wasn’t a weather hampered season (for the most part). Thanksgiving with it’s attendant traveling has come and gone. Life may quiet down a bit. Well, not really. A wedding, a conference, a pile of reports to write, samples to ship, other’s results to review… Did […]

And now a word for our Heroes

Memorial Day is a fine commemoration.  Setting aside a day to recall the sacrifice made by ancestors, friends and neighbors whose willingness to fight on our behalf and suffer for the effort allows us to enjoy the fruits of our labors in relative peace. Memorial Day originated as Decoration Day just a few years after […]

And now a word for our mothers

As Mother’s Day here in the States passes along I want to take a second to remember all our mothers.  And not just our individual mothers, though what better place to start?  But let us also recall the mothers of our children, our daughters and daughters-in-law with children, our sisters, and all our female family […]