Watching from the sidelines

The St Louis Cardinals won’t be in the baseball playoffs this year. My heart will eventually mend. The Cardinals probably shouldn’t be in the playoffs, they didn’t really deserve it this year – but they did have a chance. They’ll be back.

I now find myself cheering for the Chicago Cubs. A strange development. If it were the other way round and the Cubs were on the sidelines while the Cardinals were in the playoffs – I wonder how many in the Windy City (or the global Cubs’ fandom) would cheer St. Louis? Some would of course… there are some civilized folks in Chicago. But still, I wonder. [for those following along who don’t follow US Major League baseball – the Chicago Cubs and St Louis Cardinals are in the same division. If your team is not in, you pull for the division’s representative. It is the civilized thing to do.]

Political watching from the sidelines. Not so entertaining these days. And I sometimes wonder what those in the trenches think of themselves at this point. Was it worth it? Knocking on doors, begging for money, screaming at supposed colleagues for points on the evening news.  it’s like watching a train wreck.

Golden Eagle takes out drone

Man vs. bird. Ruffling a few feathers, but losing the war.

Early in 2017 Reuters ran a piece online – pictures of the week. Two pictures featured birds. The first features a golden eagle having a run in with a drone. The drone appears to have lost. The second features what looks to me like an owl teasing some tigers. A smart owl would leave it at that. Perhaps to tie with the baseball angle – in 2006 the St Louis Cardinals met the Detroit Tigers in the World Series. The Cardinals won the series in five games. If I could photoshop a Cardinal into the picture it would fit that history.

Siberian tigers act to catch prey at a Siberian tigers breeding base in Mudanjiang

Bird of prey, bird as prey, or man… it’s time to pray…

What do baseball playoffs, political shenanigans, and photographs of bird exploits have in common? Well, there are no bird teams in this year’s playoffs – the Cardinals, Orioles, Blue Jays… all watching from the sidelines. The white guys in the US political sphere [not to be confused with bird brains?] are watching from the sidelines as they hire a woman to interview another woman who has accused another white guy of sexual misconduct in his teens. And in some strange way I suppose that must make sense. But the real birds – whether defending their airspace against human toys or messing with tigers… the real birds may have it figured out. When trouble comes to you, take it on. When you find yourself out of your depth, take a step back (or fly off, as the case may be).


Both photos can be found at:


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