Holiday ruminations

Festivities abound. The year wanes and whether we have much to celebrate or not, there still exist many opportunities for mirth.

If the historic birth of a long promised Jewish boy warms your spiritual self then allow me to wish you the Merriest of Christmases. If your family and faith regards more senior Jewish celebrations, then may I respectfully wish you a Happy Hanukkah. African celebrations of the early winter season your thing – then I wish for you a great Kwanza celebration. And let us not overlook the winter solstice. Many, many choices.

If you are female, I would wish for you more respect and peace as you live your life on this male dominated planet. If you are male, I wish for you as I wish for myself, some inspiration to allow those of our kindred gender a bit more space, more respect, more compassion. We needn’t be about pity on this issue. Fairness should suffice. Whether a little girl, a sister, a daughter, a mother or a wife, the females in our lives deserve better than they’ve gotten.

Here’s hoping her future turns out better than her past.

If you’re a comedian making a living here in the U.S. poking fun at politicians… you have had a grand year. How could it get any better?

If you’re a politician here in the U.S. – well, perhaps we could be about pity on this one. Perhaps pity is not the right fit… but I’m hard pressed to think of some different feeling I might offer. Pay your taxes like the rest of us; don’t give human rights to non-human entities.  And you might do well to earn some respect rather than assume it is owed to you.

Giving gifts is a common behavior this time of year. A few days ago, having finally wrapped up the year’s long and drawn out harvest, I sat to record a couple of thoughts that bounced around inside me. It all ended up in a sort of verse. So as my gift to your patience in reading this far – some thoughts on life with weather, death, trust, and love:

As I write this a rain falls gently
As it rains the earth wets slightly

Hard rain,
Light rain,
Fog, drizzle, and snows
Clear skies,
Warm breeze,
Drought, so it goes.

Life breathes as the weather changes
Death comes – and it rearranges

Trust each other, an effort make
Help a neighbor, for all our sake

Change can test us, right or wrongly
Love can guide us, now and strongly




  1. Have a Merry Christmas, Clem!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Back at you Brian! Having sheep this time of year seems a bit more special.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. No kidding, talk about a birth in the manger.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Merry Christmas, Clem! Youʻre a prince.


    1. Hmmm, thanks… I suppose that implies my folks are royalty. They were pretty awesome.

      So Merry Christmas from Hawaii… not a snow covered one I suppose, but that is a more Eurocentric idea anyway. Is there a comparable winter celebration for the indigenous Hawaiian peoples?


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