Trouble in Paradise

News that another terrorist attack has happened in Europe – or more specifically, in the UK at Manchester – is cause for concern. The first report of the bombing to reach my ears pegged the death toll at 19. This morning I heard the number had reached 22. It appears this latter value is holding for the moment, but the news that at least 60 more were injured doesn’t suggest we are out of the woods for fatalities.

Our British friends and neighbors are set to go to the polls in just a couple weeks. The main issue it seems is who, and with how much political capital, will lead the negotiations to leave the EU. Now I’ll suppose security issues will weigh more heavily going forward. Will human migrations, and other current events pick up levels of attention they may not have realized before this most recent attack?

Are there parallels to the recent terrorist attacks in France where elections were being held? How much more pain and grief will come in the days and months ahead?

Questions. And so far as the coming discussions and votes within the UK are concerned, not only do I have no answers, it really wouldn’t serve to offer opinions either. This is their business. I can offer condolences to the whole of the British people; to those who lost family and friends, and to those who suffer now with the injuries sustained.

In the blogroll on the right side there are two blogs that originate in the UK. Chris Smaje and Jeff Ollerton write from the island. Neither is in Manchester, but the scale of the attack and relative size of their country makes me wonder whether immediate proximity matters in this case. Pain and suffering needn’t be limited to wounds of the flesh.

Let us all do what we might to summon the better angels of our nature as we go forth into a future where human life and health are held captive to struggles of all sorts.

[the image above of a refugee girl was used here earlier and there is no immediate connection between her and this recent episode… pain and suffering seem to have no hold on any specific human tragedy, so I hope no one feels slighted by the reuse of this picture]



  1. Thanks for your good wishes, Clem. Much appreciated.

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  2. The GP has a new graphic, Gulliver gets a closer inspection, eh?

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  3. Yep. A measured life. Good for the soul.


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