Two weeks into April

Ah, springtime.  Too much to do.  I was trying to catch up on some messages in my computer inbox and came across this, well… may as well quote much of the beast:

Dear System User: 

New software for backup of our corporate servers now flags individual user accounts with more than 10,000 contacts in the cntac.sys.rpt file domain on their devices.  Your user account has been flagged and will need to be updated to either: 1) include fewer than 10,000 contacts or 2) you will need to install a patch creating a secondary contacts list.  At present the software patch has not been vetted in all installed environments and may cause secondary difficulties with routine phone and laptop use. 

Recent experience within the IT group has shown that most users with such a large number of contacts have hundreds to thousands of contacts they no longer need and paring has shown to be the preferred method of correcting this situation.  To help users accomplish a thorough paring we have developed a program for Contact Reevaluation and Prioritization.  Once you have identified a sufficient number of contacts to bring your list below the 10k threshold the IT group can institute a dump.  If you continue to experience difficulty purging your contact list of outdated or redundant contacts we recommend installing the Datalax Inc proprietary software ‘Listing of Account Descriptors’ to assist with parsing your *.sys.rpt file.  After running this software you will need to contact an IT representative who will then assist you in dumping this LOAD of CRAP.

 Users who have followed this protocol to completion report more regular performance from their devices.

Here I need to confess that I have been somewhat lax in keeping my contacts list trimmed of redundancy and up to date with changes from all quarters.  And while I don’t actually flirt with a 10K list size, the message had me scratching my head for too long as it turns out.

It will likely come as no surprise to those who know me that over the years a certain love/hate relationship with IT and it’s denizens has developed in my consciousness.  Ignoring emails thought to have come from an IT person ranks right in there with distaste for spam and those long, tedious community emails where everyone needs to add their two cents and the entire message thread is repeated ad nauseam.

The lesson learned?  On the first of April one should try to get through all their emails.  Then purge those from fools.

Wherever the voyage leads you.


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