Playin’ hooky

Gorgeous day out there. A bit cool this morning, but appropriate for the date.  At work we’re getting ready to get out from under the roof.  It will still be a bit before planting gets underway in a serious manner.  Still, longer days, bright sunshine, greening grass, blooming forsythia… visions of sugarplums er, I mean sprouting row crops dance in their heads.  It’s all good.

Spent the Easter weekend in East Tennessee with family. The Volunteer countryside is much further along greening up than we are here in Central Ohio.  It makes one wonder if cattle and sheep are out on fresh pasture… and yes Mr. Miller, I’m looking at you.  No more hay feeding for the time being I suppose.

The neighbors have a new puppy. Cute, and noisy.  She is cute enough for now to make the barking tolerable.  One supposes the barking will lessen before she grows out of the cute phase.  There must have been some sort of selection for this during dog domestication.  Any day now I expect there will be a scientific publication outlining how a genetic bottleneck occurred during dog domestication which accounts for a cuteness offset to nuisance barking.  The investigators might do well to consider the genetics of dog lovers vs. cat lovers as covariates in this study when evaluating levels of perceived nuisance or cuteness.

News from Western Europe (Belgium specifically) was sad last week. And just a few hours ago some miscreant here in the middle of the Buckeye state had the audacity to call up a major manufacturer and claim to have left a bomb in their building.  Sad.  All these beautiful spring moments, and some jerk has to rain on our parade.  Fortunately for us there were no casualties.

So there’s a random assortment of today’s thoughts and images. Mostly pretty and bright with the stink of human inhumanity at the edges.  Before sunset this evening there might just be time to wet a line down at the creek.  Playin’ hooky for real… oh rats, I haven’t gotten my fishing license yet.  Need to get that taken care of.

just chillin

Peace, quiet… all is calm, all is right.




  1. Well, shoot, you should have scooted on out to the farm if you were in the neighborhood.
    Regarding the pastures, we have had a dry March, down a couple of inches from the average. So the promising growth of late February has now stalled. The cattle are off hay. But the field they are grazing looks like mid-summer. Our only option is to move them to the hay field. We are hoping the rain tonight helps get everything back to normal. The sheep are still on hay. Their intensive grazing last year has left a number of paddocks needing a bit of a rest.


    1. “Scooted on out” – I like that phrase. And by the end of the summer the grandsons should be at a point where they can scoot. There’s quite a bit going on in Knoxville for the kids and grandkids, so extracurriculars will come at a bigger premium.

      Oh, and then there is this matter of your Tennessee mountains falling apart. I-75 north was still slowed due to a rockslide cleanup. Not sure if Rocky Top was involved (think the slide was a touch further north of RT) – but we elected to use the detour on the way home. Got to see some different scenery. Images of the Flintstones come to mind as one weaves through remote parts of the East Tennessee landscape.

      Where are you in terms of lambing? Done for now, getting started? The 10 piglets should be weaned by now, right?


  2. Ah, Rocky Top, new name for an old town. Started off as Coal Creek, site of two horrible coal mine accidents, both taking over 100 miners each time. Location of a furious series of armed battles between striking miners and the coal companies who decided to use convict labor instead of free labor. Then in a burst of civic mindedness in the mid-20th century they changed their name to Lake City. And a couple of generations later someone sold them on the idea of becoming Rocky Top. Only problem is the name is copyrighted. So they can keep the name but can’t profit off the use of the name. So overall a bit of a wash.

    Pigs will be weaned in another couple of weeks. Delores, meanwhile, should farrow on the 10th.


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