One year in the mirror

This blog started out a year ago today. It has surprised and embarrassed, teased and brazened me.  I hope it hasn’t caused anyone to wonder if they’d wasted their time in stopping by.

Rather than spend any further effort gazing at a navel I thought I’d revisit a story from last spring concerning cover crops.  There was a piece in the New York Times recently on cover crops – I thought a rather nice piece actually.  Stephanie Strom (the author) included a video link and some well grounded research.  One would naturally expect a nice article on cover crops in an agricultural publication.  But the Times  hadn’t struck me as an agricultural rag before.  So maybe this cover crop philosophy has gained enough momentum to warrant the attention of a larger audience.  One might dream.

Even the cover crop field day that I attended last April (and wrote about here) got some press coverage that I might as well point up… the May issue of the Ohio Farmer posted a photo of the event on their cover.  And there in the front row of a rapt audience… about a half dozen folk from the right end of the line… there sits a gray haired old curmudgeon.

May 2015 cover photo from the Ohio Farmer. copyright the Ohio Farmer

Yep, made the cover of Rolling Stone (well, there were some stones there…)

Another aside from the same field day… there were a half dozen other Ohio farmers I know in attendance (and we hadn’t planned it – just sort of “hey, you planning to start growing covers too?”).  This might be a fairly large planet to some, but the more I look around, the smaller it gets.


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