All under a roof

Finally. The harvest of 2015 is in. And it really wasn’t a weather hampered season (for the most part).

Thanksgiving with it’s attendant traveling has come and gone. Life may quiet down a bit. Well, not really. A wedding, a conference, a pile of reports to write, samples to ship, other’s results to review…

Did I mention the harvest is in?

There was an uncle’s funeral to attend.  Grandsons’ baptisms to witness.  And a harvest to manage.

If it were easy, anyone could do it.  Fortunately it was easy enough; we finally did do it.

Many thanks to the dedication of the crew.  No thanks to the less clever souls whose unwitting road blocking behaviors forced lots of frustrations along the way.




  1. Excellent! Good to have the season done and dusted. And a wedding, a baptism and a funeral, sounds like a busy life, Clem.

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  2. Yes, busy… and lots of driving.

    While in Knoxville last weekend my son and I stopped at McKay Books and picked up a few titles. I’ll assume you know these folks. My son-in-law (who lives in Knoxville) is not a regular for reasons we’ll set aside. But his reservations make me wonder what your take might be – if it can shared in a family friendly way.

    The drive from Knoxville back to Ohio was horrible (at least the leg to Lexington, KY….after that it was normal).


  3. McKay’s is a dearly loved bookstore in Knoxville. I personally think it has no soul. Books are strictly commodities in their business model. I prefer the old out-of-print stores of yore. Book Eddy was a terrific example of that type until, alas, they closed.


    1. Book Eddy is lost, commodity book model survives… not the greatest testimony for our times. But there must be a silver lining. While searching for a silver lining is there a soulful bookstore between here and Knoxville that you can recommend?

      There are a couple in Columbus, OH where I can grab a cup of coffee and do some serious time wasting.


  4. Lexington and Cincinnati both used to be great out-of-print and antiquarian towns. I used to go to a grand old antiquarian store in downtown Cincy some 25 years ago. But I don’t recall the name or location. The owner was older than dirt, so I’m sure it is long gone. Asheville has several good used/out-of-print stores. And they have one of the best antiquarian stores in the region in the Captain’s Bookshelf.


    1. Must confess I’ve not been to Ashville yet. Will have to fix that. Captains sounds like a good place to visit.


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