Congrats to the Cubbies

Exactly how does baseball figure into farming, or crop science?  I could go on about professional teams having farm clubs; cite all the statistics kept by baseball that rise to a level similar to crop science… but I leave to your imagination other connections.  What baseball has to do with my living a measured life is simple enough.  As a boy with several brothers most of what free time we could scrounge together was consumed with the iconic stick and ball.  I grew up close enough to St Louis to be a Cardinals fan.  The Cardinals have been an incredible organization for generations.  Even though I no longer live within the shadow of the Gateway Arch, I still follow the baseball Cardinals.  The 2015 edition has been particularly fun to follow – the only team to win 100 games in this year’s regular season.  Last night, in Chicago, the Cardinal’s ’15 campaign came to an end.

The Chicago Cubs eliminated the Cards at home in Wrigley.  Will this be the Cubs team to finally mend generations of Chicago hearts?  Time will tell.  But for the moment, this is one Cardinals fan who can honestly offer the Cubs and their fans the kudos they deserve.  Here’s hoping they go all the way.




  1. “I could go on about professional teams having farm clubs”

    I’m stealin’ that one, just so you know.

    I can’t believe the Cubs won. Still remember the old Pete Rose joke: “God appeared to the Cubs and told them ‘Just don’t do anything until I come back’ “

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    1. Had never heard that Pete Rose joke – many thanks! 🙂

      Over half the folks I went to college with were from the greater Chicago area. They were quick to talk about the Bears, the Bulls, the Black Hawks, and even the fact that Chicago has two major league baseball teams. But if one wanted to talk about the Cubs specifically the room would get quiet. The die hard Cub fans would dig up a memory or two of going to a game with their dad, or something meaningful to them personally. It always made me feel sorry for them. I have to admire those same fans for their dedication. And its for these determined ones that I hope the Cubs do very well (now that they’ve retired my Cardinals).

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      1. Agreed–the Cub fans are lonnnnng-suffering and it’s their turn for sure. The whole country will be pulling for them, except cities with teams still in it. How about a Cubs vs Astros WS?


      2. Astros?? I suppose. I might personally prefer the Royals. Not sure either the Rangers or the Blue Jays do it for me. If you like the Astros for the length of time since a post season appearance then I can see it. The Royals were in last year. I think the Royals and Cubs could put on a very unpredictable show. We’ll see.


  2. Astros have never won a WS and given how bad they were for that 5 yr stretch, I’m definitely pulling for them. Can’t root for the Royals as a Tiger fan.


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