If that’s leading, not sure I want to follow

Yes, very quiet on this front.  Sorry.

Very quickly now – news just across the radar this morning shows Monsanto reporting less income in 2015 vs. 2014 and then in the same story their plan to cut 2,600 jobs in the coming months.  Agriculture is a tough business.  There are ups and downs.  Monsanto’s corn seed and traits business is off nearly 10% year over year (for what its worth, their soybean seed and traits business actually grew a bit… all my corn colleagues are scratching their heads about now).

So, this particular news isn’t why I thought I might pester you.  The press release from Monsanto – full of buzzwords and spin (as I suppose it must be) – contains this comment:

“to transform and innovate the way the company operates resulting in a more agile and focused organization prepared to continue to lead the agriculture industry.” 

[NB, this comes from an industry story covering their report – here ]

To transform and innovate… worthy goals.  Agile and focused… also worthy aspirations.  But – continue to lead the agriculture industry??  Off ten per cent year over year??  If they don’t mind too much, I think I’ll not follow that lead.  And to the 2,600 who will be pushed to the sidewalk because of this transforming and innovative new tack the company wants to take, are they suggesting you weren’t agile and focused enough?  Well, agriculture is a tough business.



  1. Well, you can step back and admire or loathe that level of obfuscation. But it seems they have been learning tricks from our dear old Pentagon.


    1. Yeah, not exactly sure who’s teaching whom these tricks – but one wonders how dumb they must imagine their audience. To be held in such low regard does seem insulting. I didn’t lose 10% last year; and I’m not shrinking our workforce either (indeed, if a capable person were to apply, I could use some help).


  2. […] was going to lay off 2,600 employees. At about the same time Monsanto was actively looking for a takeover target . (Syngenta was the most hyped target for a Monsanto purchase at that point in […]


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