And now a word for our mothers

As Mother’s Day here in the States passes along I want to take a second to remember all our mothers.  And not just our individual mothers, though what better place to start?  But let us also recall the mothers of our children, our daughters and daughters-in-law with children, our sisters, and all our female family who wear the role.  Life is a marvelous gift, and honoring the mothers who help make it possible seems only fitting.  Indeed, allocating one day of 365 to celebrate their contributions might be inadequate.  Hopefully the majority of us do better than to recall the gifts of our mothers a mere 0.27% of the time.

As a father I can only address the magnificence of Motherhood from the outside looking in.  I imagine the feelings of parenthood are somewhat similar in many respects.  Still, there still must be some variation in the bond, as there certainly is a difference in the biological investment.  Perhaps if I were a seahorse I might better appreciate human Motherhood.

And what of Mother Nature?  We do have an Earth Day.  Is that sufficient?  [this begs the question that Earth Day is for Mother Nature… but if you want to quibble with that, leave a comment].

Is that sufficient?  If not, what might be?

Until we figure it out – thanks Mom.


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